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Here in the UK we have, primarily, just two types of cockroach; The Oriental and the German. Both are mainly nocturnal although they can be seen during the day if present in large numbers.

The Oriental cockroach is dark brown and up to 30mm long and the smaller German cockroach is a yellowish brown and can be up to 15mm long. Although both species have wings, neither generally fly.

Both species lay eggs in egg cases and whilst the oriental female deposits her cases, containing around 16 eggs, in their harbourage, the German female carries her case, containing up to 40 eggs, around with her. The German cockroach is an accomplished climber even on smooth surfaces and has a prevalence for very warm indoor environments such as around heating ducts.

Also present in the UK in much smaller numbers are the American cockroach (up to 40mm long), the Australian cockroach (up to 38mm long and darker than the American) and the brown-banded cockroach (small with brown bands of colour).

The cockroach will feed on a very wide range of foods and needs access to water. They live in large groups where multiple generations will be present. The young nymphs grow into adults through a series of skin moults.

Typically, the Oriental uses 7-10 moults to reach adulthood in 6-18 months. The German, however, uses just 5-7 moults and will reach maturity in around 3 months.

Cockroaches are not known to bite or sting but they can carry and transmit disease through walking amongst decaying matter and faecal matter and then onto food preparation surfaces.

Often we do not realise that we are sharing our home or work environment with the cockroach until such time as their numbers have reached considerable proportions.

It is common for the first sighting to be of hundreds of them scurrying for cover when an appliance or piece of furniture is moved. Through the use of modern methods and treatments it is now possible to rid a premise of a cockroach infestation by careful planning, thoroughness and a structured program of treatments.

The use of gel baits together with residual insecticidal sprays and dusts will see the end to the majority of infestations. It is strongly recommended that you call in a professional pest controller to treat cockroaches as they can be very difficult to bring under control.

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