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There are around sixty species of flea in the UK but primarily its cat fleas and dog fleas which set up their home in your home. Fleas are unable to fly and “famously” jump to get around using their highly developed hind legs. The adults are parasitic and suck blood but the larvae primarily feed on dust, debris and flea poo.

The larvae live where the carpets meet the skirting and this is where the female flea lays her eggs – up to 1000 in her short lifetime. The eggs hatch in a short while and are larvae until they pupate in around 3-4 weeks.

They’ll remain in their pupal form until vibrations from a possible blood meal (maybe you) trigger them to emerge; a couple of seconds later and they’re feeding. Humans often react to their “bites”with a small swelling which can occur several hours after being bitten.

Flea infestations are treated simultaneously from a number of directions. You should treat your pets using products having veterinary approval, pet bedding should be washed at as high a temperature as you dare, pupae and eggs should be vacuumed up from the carpet / skirting joins (quickly dispose of your vacuum bag or burn it) and finally a couple of treatments with a residual insecticide and an insect growth regulator applied by a professional pest controller will finish them off.

Flea Infestation


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